Small Cozy Workspaces

It can be a downer to think of spending the majority of your week in front of a computer or in an office, but it doesn’t have to be all that bad. If you’re working from home or have the choice of where you work, there are lots of things you can do to make the space more comfortable and inviting.

(via Made By Girl)

(via Made By Girl)

If you’re stuck with a small office or with a bedroom office, there are still lots of options. Keep the clutter to a minimum (could be a motivator to keep the bedroom tidy!) and park yourself by a nice big window. Flowers add a simple pop of color to any space and make the room feel more alive. I would keep the paint colors more subtle and pale to keep the area from being over-stimulating, to make it easier to spend long amounts of time in without getting eye-strain. Magazines about subjects in your field add a nice touch to the room as well.

(via blushingapples on tumblr)

(via blushingapples on tumblr)

This office is very similar to the one above, with a simple desk set in front of a beautiful floor to ceiling window. Rugs are a great way to add color and warmth to an area and blankets or shawls hanging over your chair are great for those chilly winter days (and also go great with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea).

(via Apartment Therapy)

(via Apartment Therapy)

Art can be either hung directly on the walls or placed on shelves, adding style to a space as well as inspiration. I like how the art here directly complements the space; the wood of the desk against the blue wall echoes the beach motifs in the paintings above it. It creates a very relaxed vibe, good for balancing out a stressful or deadline-driven job. Large sea shells would be a cute addition to this desk and could hold various odds ‘n’ ends, even business cards.

Marleau the Cat's studio (via LifeHacker)

Marleau the Cat’s studio (via LifeHacker)

This looks more like a living area than an office, which can be good or bad depending on what motivates you. Working at home has a lot of advantages like flexible hours and convenience, but separating work life from home life becomes a lot more difficult. Having greenery in or near an office can help make it feel less sterile, keep it feeling refreshed. Talk to your local plant-shop about greenery that is easy to take care of if you struggle at keeping them alive, like I do. Like above, I also have quite a few books by my computer when I need to get away from the bright screen for awhile. Getting lost in a book can really take my mind off things, whereas reading them on a computer can be filled with distractions in the form of facebook, twitter, email, etc.

(via Decor8)

(via Decor8)

Surrounding yourself with art and design you like can help keep you motivated. Keeping a clean and organized space is important; when I go to start a new project I usually begin by tidying up the space. This helps give me a sense of closure with the other project and gives me a nice clean encouraging space to start the new one. If your space is looking a little drab, you can throw small accent pieces into the mix to spice it up, like colorful pillows or a pink office chair like the one above.

It’s going to rain all weekend so I might get some more painting in. I’ve been avoiding the models painting for a little while, it deserves some love. While I’ve been working away on this blog, my husband Tim has started his own photography blog, track his 365 as well as the various places he finds inspiration. Go check it out, and have a great weekend!


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