Female Portrait Tattoos

The female portrait/gypsy tattoo trend is still running strong! There are lots of different takes on this tattoo style floating around the internet. Tumblr is an excellent resource for this type of thing, but instagram is quickly catching up.

by matt_gtp (instagram)

by matt_gtp (instagram)

The traditional style of this line work in the hair brings out the multicolored leaves in the rose. I like that she has tattoos (tattoos within tattoos)! The blending for the simple makeup on her face is well done and really draws your eye to her thoughtful expression.

by Rachel Jamie Baldwin at Modern Body Art Birmingham England.  (via fyeahtattoos on tumblr)

by Rachel Jamie Baldwin at Modern Body Art Birmingham England. (via fyeahtattoos on tumblr)

Loving the colors and style of this tattoo, very different from what I’ve been seeing so far. The wide-eyes and bright pinks and purples make this tattoo really pop. Very fun, like the composition with the blue clouds surrounding her. Her expression and the details draw your eyes up the piece.

by dansmithism (instagram)

by dansmithism (instagram)

Medusa tattoos are becoming more popular, and each artist has a different version of what she should look like. The greyscale version above is more severe, with a barbed wire necklace and live snakes writhing from her head. With black and white tattoos, it’s all about the shading; thanks to the expert job on this one, each snack and accessory is easy visible, from scales to the third eye earring to the rose.

by Chris Bailey

by Chris Bailey

At first I thought this was a Medusa tattoo as well, but I think it’s aย gypsyย of the sea. The pearls and tentacles entwine with her flowing hair, each with colors that complement the other. Most tattoos that I’ve seen use solid colors for the hair, but in this one they’re varied a bit and shaded more carefully. I like how her lips match her eyes.

by Alex Lazarini

by Alex Lazarini

The style of the gypsy above is more realistic. Even though this tattoo isn’t finished yet it’s looking great so far! The jewels and feathers in particular are very pretty. The soft fade of the blue in the feathers is very nice, makes them look bright. I can’t wait to see how the snack is colored! This design is another that is very well composed, balancing a lot of different elements in the piece.

by J.D. Kittell at Ocala Tattoo in Ocala, Florida (via fyeahtattoos on tumblr)

by J.D. Kittell at Ocala Tattoo in Ocala, Florida (via fyeahtattoos on tumblr)

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple; the above tattoo does just that. The rose and feather frame this girl’s head and show off her makeup and hair. The blush is echoed in the rose and background, while the feather color is echoed in her eye makeup. This design is very unified and lovely.

With so many options and styles for portrait tattoos, I can’t see their popularity dying out any time soon. If you want one but are unsure of what to get, research your local shops and talk to an artist! They’ll help you come up with something awesome and unique that fits you perfectly.

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