Moved In!

So glad to have internet hooked up! I was using my phone to keep in touch with people, but it’s so much better having a larger screen and a keyboard at my disposal. The last week has been insane! We had way more stuff than we thought and barely got it packed up in time (we left Saturday at noon, were still packing in the morning). That Friday and Saturday were two of the most stressful days in memory and I’m so glad they’re over. If it wasn’t for Tim’s awesome uni friends, we might not have gotten down here at all!

I’m just about finished unpacking everywhere but the second bedroom, which is quite literally full of boxes right now. My kitchen table will have to do as a work space for the moment. Thankfully, with the long weekend approaching, Tim will be around to help me clean out that room and make it usable.

Coffee on my New Patio

Coffee on my New Patio

When the weather is nice I’ll be doing some updates from my new deck, for sure! Having the trees in our windows is so peaceful.

Rainbow in my Living Room

Rainbow in my Living Room

We bought some paint for the living room last night and began covered the walls. I’ll post pics when it’s done, hopefully by tomorrow. I have lots of ideas for our other rooms as well… so much to do!

Real post tomorrow, take care for now!


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