Heart Designs

Hearts and heart shapes appear in lots of tattoos and are probably one of the most popular tattoo symbols out there, right behind roses. Artists incorporate tattoos into design in many creative and interesting ways.

Sailor Moon Broach (via Happyun-Birthday on tumblr)

Sailor Moon Broach (artist unknown, via Happyun-Birthday on tumblr)

I was overjoyed to find this: a Sailor Moon tattoo! What devotion! I wish I knew the artist because this is incredibly well done and they deserve praise. Reflections in gold and in ruby textures are tricky to represent since they vary so much in different kinds of light, so inking them on skin would take a lot of skill. The artist clearly paid a lot of attention to what they were doing and got the anime-style of this piece down perfectly. Enough time has passed since Sailor Moon first aired that this isn’t cheesy; I think it’s very tastefully done. I could see this being developed into a bigger back piece quite easily.

(via Rachel Jamie Baldwin on tumblr)

(via Rachel Jamie Baldwin from Modern Body Art in Birmingham City Centre, UK on tumblr)

Here’s another heart-jewel type design, but this time it’s a bit more in the background to the subject. The blues in the jewel play nicely off the yellow in the flowers. At first glance the design may appear simple, but then your eye wanders around the edges of the design to pick up pearls and the layers of necklaces. The color and design of this tattoo are elegant and beautiful.

Tattoo by Paula Converse at Into You, Brighton, UK (via fyeahtattoos on tumblr)

Tattoo by Paula Converse at Into You, Brighton, UK (via fyeahtattoos on tumblr)

These matching wrist tattoos use heart-shaped locks to tie them together. The washes of blue around the edges of the locks add a nice glow. They’re simple but very beautiful. The flat colors draw attention to the flowing line-work, especially in the details of the locks, leaves, and fur of the animals.

(via Anthony on tumblr)

(via Anthony on tumblr)

Even just looking at the line-work I’m already impressed with the intricacy of this tattoo. I also feel for the sitter since I know how painful tattoos are in the chest area. The heart here is a much smaller part of a bigger design, bringing everything together through the birds on each side. Many chest tattoos will center the heart (even though the human heart is off to the side) and it makes sense in this design. Because of all the details around the outside, our eyes are drawn to the birds and to the heart in the center. Would love to see this colored in, though I imagine she’s probably looking at another 2-3 sessions, anyway.

Had to scrounge a little bit for content today, I think the internet is on vacation (or just busy watching the Olympics). Fortunately I have tonnes for art and interior design content, so see you all on Wednesday! 😀

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