Sunday Relfections: Frustrations

Turning the easel away.

Turning the easel away.

This kind of relates to last weekend’s post about work-life balance and burning out.

I moved here expecting that I could just pick up where I left off in Fredericton, working out and painting everyday and that it would be fine. What I forgot about was that back when I finished work, I told myself that I deserved some time off before school started so that I could rejuvenate and mentally prepare myself for the challenges ahead. I was looking forward to taking some time off from everything for myself.

What I’ve done instead was spend all my free time unpacking, cleaning, finding walking routes and making up workouts for myself, all while trying to fit painting and drawing in between those things. Doesn’t sound much like a vacation, does it?

I’m the kind of person that needs to feel like I’m doing something to earn my keep, so relaxing all day while Tim is at work almost makes me feel a bit guilty, though I have no logical reason to feel that way. It’s going to take awhile for me to adjust to this new lifestyle. I’ve worked long and hard to get to where I am today, and I deserve a break before things get crazy again.

I haven’t been feeling my greatest and finally figured out that maybe, just maybe, I was pushing myself too hard. For the past few days I’ve done almost nothing but sleep in, watch TV and relax. I’m feeling a bit better but tried painting today, only to meet frustration. I’m so fed up with the model painting at this point that I’ve turned it to face the wall just so I don’t have to look at it. At this point, it feels like I can do no right with it so it’s probably better not to touch it for awhile.

So, when you meet up with a creative block like this, how to you get past it? I don’t have the answer yet but hope to find it soon. I’m hoping that school will help me sort things out, when I’m given hard deadlines to finish things rather than just doing projects whenever I feel like it.

I do know that I’ll likely spend a lot of next week relaxing as well. I didn’t really anticipate the shock it would be to go from 9-5 to having so much time to myself. Hopefully I’ll feel like taking another crack at the model painting maybe tomorrow, or in a few more days.

Any other artists out there feel my pain? How have you gotten over creative hurdles?


5 responses to “Sunday Relfections: Frustrations

  1. Not easy…myself usually, I will try another medium, sometimes one quite different from the usual oil, acrylic or pastel….well I know it doesn’t leave much more than ink, watercolor, pencils; also when I used to photograph more, I would just walk around shooting almost anything, trying dfferent angle or else.

    I guess changing subject can help too, and often taking a break as you did will also work just fine…finally, there is no perfect and single solution, but one of them is probably be working…and it is not always the same…would be to easy…:)

      • You’re welcome! sometimes just doing thing slighty different is enough to get us back on track, good continuation with your works. From what I’ve seen of yours works, I like it!

  2. Hey Jess, I feel your pain….I went through something similar a few years ago when I left my full time job to paint full time. A book that helped me tremendously was “The Artists Way”. In it, she talks about giving yourself an “artist date” once a week. This is when you just go and have a coffee somewhere and sit there for a long time, or take a walk just to smell the trees, whatever tickles your fancy! By giving yourself some time away from your art, you are refreshing your creative juices.

    I have a hard time doing this myself. I am sort of like you, I have a hard time letting myself do nothing. But I have made myself get out of the house for my “date” and it really works. Depending how blocked you are, it could take you a few days of doing nothing or just one, but according to this book if you treat yourself once a week, it will keep you balanced in the creative department.

    Hope this helps you as it did for me!

    • I’ll check out that book for sure. A date for me once a week sounds like a good idea, and a chance to explore my surroundings a bit more. I may give that a try. πŸ™‚

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