Feeling Better After a Restful Week

Hawaiian Punch at Jack Astor's

Hawaiian Punch at Jack Astor’s

We had some family visit us this week (my dad and my bro-in-law), and having the company was wonderful! It allowed me to break the monotony of my regular routine which has been, for the past few weeks: get up, read blogs, coffee, read blogs, stream hgtv, take nap, and maybe some chores in between. Being able to talk to people (besides my husband of course) and go out for some fun really helped me feel better about myself and get distracted from the creative block I’ve been having. A few nice meals and some shopping later, I jumped back into painting with great results!

But first, I helped my husband Tim out with a photo-shoot for his brother & girlfriend. They make a lovely couple and were tons of fun to hang around with. I missed them the minute they left. 😦

photography by Tim Lingley

photography by Tim Lingley

The shoot ended up being a lot of fun, and Tim got some amazing shots out of it. It’s days like these where I can really appreciate that he’s into photography; with both of us being creative, we can inspire each other when we’re feeling low.

Last night I started a project that was sort of the opposite of the models painting: something simple that I could throw together without a lot of detail or planning ahead, with bright blocks of color and thick black lines. As a bonus it became a project for the small triptych canvases I bought a year or so back. The designs are penciled on the canvas and I’ve started in on the color on one, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it before starting school next week: that’s okay. It’ll be something I can turn to when I’m tired of studying.

sneak peak of triptych project

sneak peak of triptych project

And now to show that I’ve officially gotten through my creative block! My models painting is turned away no more!

peak at the models painting

peak at the models painting

I’m not posting the whole thing because it’s really close to being done. I got up this morning and had a really good solid few hours of painting on it. There wasn’t any swearing and on the whole it was a positive experience! The week of rest and company gave me a bit of perspective and reminded me why I began this whole mess of moving my life out of province in the first place (art is my passion!). I really enjoyed my painting time today and look forward to more of it over the next few days. With any luck, I’ll be showing off the finished painting sometime on Monday.

Which leads me to the posting schedule. I’ve been doing Mon-Wed-Fri for awhile now, but because I start at NSCAD soon (Tuesday is orientation!) I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep it up. Between school and an editing-gig on the side, I’ll be very busy for awhile. As much as I love posting about interior design, fashion, and artists I admire, the nature of this blog may change over the next little while.

Fear not! I at least intend to keep it updated with photos of whatever I’m working on, whether it’s sketches, paintings, or even sculpture work. There’s a lot of change on the horizon for me, good change, for a change! I am so ready to start at NSCAD, meet other artists and push the boundaries! Cheers!

palette and new art-school-pants

palette and new art-school-pants


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