The Digital Brush Strokes of Paolo Cammeli

More and more I’m intrigued by the possibilities and opportunities that digital art brings. I love drawing and painting more than I can say, but since Tim mentioned buying an Intuos tablet for photo-editting I’ve started considering what I could do with a tablet in Photoshop.

Paolo Cammeli paints digitally in a style of oils and watercolors combined, colors that are vibrant and bloom together like water.

what else do you bring me by Paolo Cammeli

what else do you bring me by Paolo Cammeli

The skin tones in our subject above are glowing and rich, full of detail. The umbrella and blossoms are painted softer to help draw our focus to the beautiful work done on the lighting and shading of her skin. Her expression, playful and curious, is really beautiful, more interesting then a lot of the pout-y fashion model faces I see around (ones that I’m definitely guilty of drawing/painting). Her frame and hairstyle remind me a bit of 50’s pinups.

waiting by Paolo Cammeli

waiting by Paolo Cammeli

There are many ways to tackle painting fur, and Paolo has chosen a sort of cross-hatching brush technique which looks beautiful. Her understanding of lighting and shadows is showcased here again in the fur, a beautiful rich transition in white fur using golden light and cooler shadows. The girl’s robes and head piece caught my eye, the fur on her shoulders and the owl/horns on the headdress which makes me think of gypsy tattoos.

fairy silhouette by Paolo Cammeli

fairy silhouette by Paolo Cammeli

This is a speed-painting by Paolo, only taking roughly 30 minutes to do. I love how much she can convey with flat colors. Layers of transparent blossoms over-top each other give this piece a watercolor-feel to it. Paolo has a great understanding of color and always manages to make the colors in her work pop without being garish.

New Rome by Paolo Cammeli

New Rome by Paolo Cammeli

She’s good at cityscapes as well! Cities frighten me almost as much as landscapes because of the shear amount of detail and measurements required to make them look realistic. They also seem incredible boring and sterile to me, the opposite of what I see above. A city painted in dreamy sunset colors with immense detail, from greenery to reflections in huge windows, makes me want to explore this world and learn more about it.

My first day of actual class ie non-orientation activities is tomorrow: drawing in the morning, paint/print studio in the afternoon! Though I know we’ll be starting with basics (likely fruit and vases) I look forward to practicing drawing in more areas that I’m currently uncomfortable with, so I can create rich portraits and lifelike backgrounds like Paolo does.

Wish me luck on my first day of ~art school~! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it!

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