Dressin’ Up

One of the parts about the Candy Girls painting I recently finished, that I both loved and hated, was the detailing of the dresses they wear. Making fabric look like silk or cotton is challenging and involves techniques that I haven’t quite mastered yet.

The fashion images below display all kinds of fun details I’d like to include in illustrations or paintings in the future.

© J.Baxter 2009 (via for-redheads on tumblr)

© J.Baxter 2009 (via for-redheads on tumblr)

Where to begin with this one! First of all it’s got loads of pink, a beautiful vanity fan, a gorgeous chair, a cute model with curly hair… it’d be both fun and maddening to translate this to canvas. It’s fairly monotone in terms of palette but sometimes this is a good thing. Despite all of the detail in this image (look at that crazy wallpaper!), it’s not overwhelming because of the simple palette.

(via Wander World Wonderlust on tumblr)

(via Wander World Wonderlust on tumblr)

The multi-layered beaded necklace frames this model’s face beautifully. Additionally, the teal-white color really pops against her red hair. Her makeup (more pink!) helps to bring out her eyes and cheek bones. This would be an interesting photo to paint since the lighting is a bit more complex, coming from different sources and different colors.

(via fckyeah ANTM on tumblr)

(via fckyeah ANTM on tumblr)

Tattoos and texture! I’ll be honest… I haven’t had the pleasure of painting or drawing a person of color yet. It’s not that I’ve purposely chosen not to, I just haven’t made a specific effort to. It’s something I look forward to trying very soon, as I have so much fun with colors, and variety is the spice of life! Her rich lips and bouncy hair frame her face, with bold eyes and brows, spectacularly. Her dress really jumps, with shiny gold paired against layers of transparent silk.

(via localshop on tumblr)

(via localshop on tumblr)

Floral patterns on folded fabric is the hardest thing to master! It’s really a matter of drawing what you see, and not what you think you see, since the folded shapes don’t look much like flowers. The colored floral jumps off the black silk and is complemented nicely by her crown and earrings.

So far art school is going amazingly well, but more on that later. 😉

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