Groups of Photos or Art on the Wall

Between my art and Tim’s photography, we have way more to hang on our walls than we do wall space. Rather than space things out sparsely, like some galleries do, I’m a fan of grouping images together on a wall. It doesn’t look cluttered to me and instead provides a point of interest or conversation in the room.

secretary space (via the decorista)

secretary space (via the decorista)

If you’re not sure where to start, pick a theme and hang similarly-styled pictures closer together. Most of the frames above are works of art themselves! There’s nothing wrong with hanging frames without art: mirrors or colored paper could be used instead.

(via Refinery 29)

(via Refinery 29)

The paintings in the living room above don’t seem to have a lot in common, but they look great together. There aren’t any overly bright blocks of color in them or the pillows, so they don’t overwhelm the area and still perk up the light walls. It’s a bit unrelated but the blue cushion on the black couch is a really nice idea.

Laura Oakes: Vintage Style, British Made (via Apartment Therapy)

Laura Oakes: Vintage Style, British Made (via Apartment Therapy)

Don’t have any art and don’t want to hang mirrors? Instead of frames you could install box-shelving for a similar effect! These are great to display collections of items, allowing use of the shelve inside as well as the tops of the boxes. I love that they used pillows above, very practical! Most of the color in this space is thanks to pillows, a cushioned bench and the cool lamps hanging down from the ceiling. The only thing I’d be wary about is the width of the shelves, since my cats like to jump on things.

Girly Glam (via A Life's Design)

Girly Glam (via A Life’s Design)

If you have a busy wallpaper or don’t have a lot of wall space to group paintings/framed photos, you could always stick with a safer and less destrtuctive option like an inspiration board. In addition to the paintings hanging in our studio, I have a bulletin board with color palettes, notes to myself and other inspirational items. The great thing about using a board is that if you want to change the content, you’re completely free to do so without making extra holes in the walls.

Now is a great time to buy art or even posters, as lots of places are trying to clear out their back-to-school stock meant to decorate dorms. I really like the idea of doing your own thing, so gather up your favorite posters and put ’em all up together!

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