Hiatus Until Classes Are Out

The workload at art school has been insane! Fun, but insane.

Chairs Hanging from a Drape by Jess Lingley

My drawing skills have definitely been improving; with every new drawing I do, it builds upon the last. The techniques that I’m learning in class float around the back of my mind as I create. Our subject matter is getting more challenging, with nude models coming in every other week. I love it and look forward to part 2 in the winter!

Day of the Dead Skull by Jess Lingley - Linocut Print

I finished the first half of my intro to studio course, which was very much conceptually based. The final project for that course took me roughly 5 days to complete, 3 of them in a row I worked through. I wasn’t happy with the outcome, but I plan on dedicating a blog post to why that is, later on. The second half of my studio course is split into two parts: print making and painting. Printing making’s end is around the corner. It’s been very touch and go for me; basic stamping and simple print making hasn’t been that much fun, but I really loved linocuts and have so far enjoyed drypoint. I’m really excited about the painting portion, though!

Visual Culture has been educational and has really focused me to question where my inspiration comes from. Everything around me is inspiring, from culture, to literature, to music, to other artists… but I’ve learned that whatever I chose to paint or depict in my work, I need to be 100% aware of where it comes from and what I’m taking from. There is a line between painting for simple aesthetic reasons or for deeper meaning, and I’m not sure which side I’m on just yet, if I’m on a side at all…

Deconstructed Self Portrait by Jess Lingley

Deconstructed Self Portrait by Jess Lingley

Intro to computers has been a lot more fun than I anticipated. Learning to use the Adobe Suite has been great. Whether or not I choose to go a strictly design route, having this skill set will be extremely useful. The only downside to this course is that it’s made me want my own 27″ iMac, and with Apple just having updated the iMac line, I’m dying here. D:

I haven’t had time for any meaningful blog posts, but I do update my Twitter as well as Instagram with photos of what I’m working on, or random tidbits about my life. I should be done with classes around the second week of December. By then I should have tons of material to post about! Writing this post has made me realize how much I miss sharing my art and opinions with the world… fear not, loyal readers, I shall return!


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