Pretty In Pink

Sorry I didn’t get this up on Saturday! I’m afraid I can make no promises about timing of posts over the next two weeks. We’re moving on the 27th and have a lot to do before then, so I’ll try and make posts when I can.

One of the great things about fashion is that it has so many different aspects, from practical to artistic. I like to observe trends and keep up with style, but at the same time I love to see completely out-there looks that you’d never find in a store window, bordering on costume. These outfits are the fashion-version of paintings to me.

via acceptable (on tumblr)

via acceptable (on tumblr)

Anything involving strong colors and flowers pulls me in immediately. I’m a big fan of fantasy books and movies and love observing all the different takes on that kind of fashion. The veil over her head adds an interesting texture to the mix and throws the colors into a beautiful chaos. The ambiguity of our subject makes it more interesting still.

via BeforeYouKillUsAll

via BeforeYouKillUsAll

The nose to ear chain here is really intriguing. Paired with the suit, it really stands out. I love how his eyebrows have been reshaped with pink makeup. The palette in this photo is fairly minimalistic, sticking mainly to pink, white and brown, bringing unity to all the different elements of his style.

via localshop (on tumblr)

via localshop (on tumblr)

There are a lot of different textures happening here: silky, furry, smooth, floral, beaded… it’s hard to tell where she ends and the clothing begins. It’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on in this picture, but that makes me want to examine it all the more. There’s a subtle gradient of purple to pink from the bottom up, emphasizing her fur shrug/collar. All the elements of this photo exist in a delicate balance, the composition guiding your eye around in a loop to take it all in.

via Trendland

via Trendland

This model’s larger-than-life hair gives her the appearance of a doll which is definitely what her clothing reminds me of. I wish her expression was more playful, though. The pink and green really work well together; I wouldn’t think much of the belt and the dress apart, but together they make sense.

Atelier Versace Fall 2012 | Paris Haute Couture via FashionGoneRogue

Atelier Versace Fall 2012 | Paris Haute Couture via FashionGoneRogue

Her sandals are gorgeous! I love shoes that have lots of straps, even if they aren’t necessarily practical. There are a lot of contrasting patterns in the design of this dress. I really like the ribbing of the corset against the huge flowing panels of fabric. Layers of floating fabric and patterns give the illusion that she’s floating down the runway.

T-minus one week until I leave work, and two weeks until we move! Here’s hoping I can keep my sanity throughout this adventure. Weeeeeeee!

Inspiration 02/02/12

All I want to do is hibernate until all of this snow has melted away, but I must continue to push forward. Another month or so and it’ll start to warm up a bit. At the very least, staying inside so much has given me lots of opportunities to work on art. I finished inking the first drawing in my owl series last night and will show you after the weekend, hopefully accompanied by some more.

by Helen Dardik

by Helen Dardik (via LagomDesign)

Over the past few months I’ve begun to take more notice of patterns in art and design. It’s not as simple as repeating a subject over and over again, there must be more to it. It’s still a mystery to me, though, and something I’d love to learn more about. Making beautiful and effective patterns must take planning and skill. I like this one because it’s not overwhelming despite the many subjects. (Oh, and the artist is a Canadian illustrator so that’s a plus!)

"Vicious Vangogh" by Dave MacDowell

"Vicious Vangogh" by Dave MacDowell (via Flickr)

Love the combination of Fine Arts and Punk! He’s very skilfully used different color palettes between the background and foreground to make the subject really pop. Upon further examination of the face you can see that he’s used a sort of hatching technique to shade and give the skin texture. Excellent use of acrylics, makes me want to start another painting right now!

Kevin Dart’s Looks that Kill

Kevin Dart’s Looks that Kill (via Grainedit)

Black & pink look fantastic together so this was a no-brainer for me. I love what he’s been able to do with such limited color use. Very chic, very cool.

Check Mate by Alex Young

Check Mate by Alex Young

The spray paint and running of the paint seems to unify this piece yet not obscure any of the details. Again, there’s use of a limited color palette here and it adds to the painting, keeping it simple. I think too many other colors would jumble things up and make it too busy.

For My Home 20/01/12

Happy Friday everyone! Lately I’ve been seeing lots of great spaces using wallpaper. It seemed to be more popular in the late 80’s to early 90’s but then it became really tacky. These days though, people are doing a lot of creative things with it!

from “Elle Interior”

from “Elle Interior” (via

For starters, the patterns are more modern and very beautiful, an art in and of themselves.

Summer Totem in Emerald

Summer Totem in Emerald

This floral pattern is beautiful and more like an illustration than a wallpaper. I’ll admit that it might be a challenge to design a room with this kind of wallpaper but if I was careful with colors, it could be stunning. I’d use calmer, more neutral tones for the furniture and tables.

Graham and Brown

Graham and Brown, via Apartment Therapy

Skulls and gothic-style items are slowly creeping into interior decor. I’m a big fan of this trend! I think with the wallpaper above, though, I’d have it over a smaller wall rather than a huge wall in a living room or bedroom. I think it’d look good in a foyer or corner, accented by other goth-themed items like candles or some vintage jewelry. Since it’s neutral and dark there are a lot of options in terms of furniture or shelving that would look good against it. Neutrals or bright colors are options here!

Revamped Dressers

Revamped Dressers (via Apartment Therapy)

I’ve mentioned before that I love the idea of taking old furniture and decorating or painting it, something I was introduced to through my brother-in-law (whom I painted a goalie helmet and two end tables for). For those that may not be so artistically-inclined, using patterned-wallpaper is a great way to dress up an old boring dresser! Unfortunately I can’t find the tutorial for this particular dresser but I don’t think it’d be that difficult to do. Simply remove the drawers, take off the handles, cut & glue the wallpaper down and put it back together after it’s dried. You could do something similar to what’s been done to this suitcase, which does have a tutorial.

Mod Podge Fabric Covered Suitcase DIY

Mod Podge Fabric Covered Suitcase DIY (via Sarah Hearts)

Not looking so tacky now, eh?